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Magical Snowglobe Christmas
A very inspiring Christmas story for children!
In a wintery little town of Duck, North Carolina,
 Kevin Ootee was perfectly content about Not Believing in SantaUntil a day before Christmas, a trip to the mall sent him on a whimsical journey 
he never imagined. 
A magical Christmas tree, a snowglobe, Santas reindeer, four international friends and a
wise angel share 
the true meaning of 

As a Santa ambassador
it is our job to spread the message.
"Magical Snowglobe Christmas 
is a enlightening book that helps
Santa non-believers 
reconsider their decision." 
Bob Houle, Ph.D.
I love Christmas
  • Read this whimsical book with your child. 
  • Let your child explore how a child's life was transformed a day before Christmas!  
  • This book has many lessons and is loved by parents, grandparents, teachers and of course new Santa believers. 
  • Simply illustrated this book is a very quick fun read and perfect for every Christmas.
We believe in Santa and hoping you will too!
Have a very Merry Christmas!
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believes in Santa!
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